Our Story

That Was Then...

The Brinkmeyer Family Auction Company started in 1965 when Philip Brinkmeyer entered the auction profession.  His oldest son, Curtis, later joined him.  The years have proven their reputation.

And This is Now...

Although Phil can no longer call the auction, RJ and Branigan grew up in the business and became auctioneers.  Together, these 4 have over 130 years of combined auctioneering experience.  You can be assured, The Brinkmeyer Family Auction Company has the knowledge to conduct your auction in a manner you will find both efficient and professional.


If you are considering having an auction, please give us a call.  We will review our procedures for preparing, advertising and settling the auction with you.   Contact us today.  Let us put our expertise to work for you.

Member of :

Iowa Auctioneers Association,

National Association of Realtors,

Heart of Iowa of Realtors


315 E Maple Street

Hubbard, Iowa 50122